School News

A quiz competition was organized for classes III to V on the 6th of February, 2020. The students enthusiastically participated and put in their best to excel from each other. All the 36 participants from classes III to V, were divided into four teams of 9 members each. The competition included four rounds namely- Aryabhatta Round based on Mathematics, Ramanujam Round based on Science, Vivekananda Round based on Social Studies and General Awareness Round. All the team members answered the questions anxiously and the unanswered questions were passed on to the audience. Equal energy was shown by the audience to answer the questions. In the end, Team A was declared the winner of the competition. The Head of the School, Madam Aruna Sivaraj, blessed all the students and congratulated students as well as teachers for putting up a wonderful show. She also rewarded the winning team and appreciated their efforts.