Following steps are taken by HPS in this direction- 1. Students are sensitized in the morning assembly regarding prevention and control of dengue and other mosquito-genic diseases .Dengue awareness campaigns are to be continued throughout the year in morning assembly and during PTM’s. 2. Students are advice to wear that cover arms and legs like full sleeves shirts and full pants. 3. Organisation of Nukkad Natak-students got actively involved in creating awareness among parents and community members about the spread of dengue and chikungunya. They displayed as a Nukkad Natak during the PTM’s and it will be displayed in the nearby residential areas and market areas after summer vacations. 4. To generate more awareness about dengue and chikunguniya various posters slogans were prepared by the students. These posters and slogans will be later on displayed at different places in the school campus area. 5. A team of students was deputed to supervise the campus area and check the premises and surroundings of school for any mosquito breeding sites, so that remedial measures can be taken.