Participation in Project

Students prepared a model on "Integrated organic farming" with ZERO WASTE strategy as a theme. This model represent an ideal village where a dairy farm, a bio gas plant , a poultry farm and an agriculture field are all shown as a chain of processes where the waste or residue produced from one segment of the setup is utilized by the another segment as its raw material or food like the dairy farm produces milk for villagers consumption as well as animal dung. The animal dung can be fed into bio gas plant for its functioning. The slurry left after the production of the bio-gas is used as the manure in the fields. The crop field residue that is hay and chaff is used as fodder by farm animals. Its low grade grain is fed to the poultry as food. The poultry excreta as well as empty egg shells are used as manure in the fields. Thus this set up works on almost no waste generation. This shows that the waste generated can be utilized in energy producing purpose. Students:- 1. Arjit Arya 2. Sameeksha 3. Raghav S.Kumar Teacher Incharge Mrs.Premlata Garg