It is to promote holistic development of child by fostering educational excellence punctuated with various activities boosting their morale to enhance performance potentials and capabilities.


It is to strengthen cultural and moral initiations to inculcate the sound character. We also envision to broaden the horizon by integrating the whole gamut of social , political, technological ,environmental and global issues to provide a better platform to become globally conscious.


We focus on the children to make them rational decision makers and mindful agents of change and our innovative pedagogy facilitates children to become critical and reflective thinkers.

With focus on excellence and academic rigour along with enabling children in learning to feel, diverse opportunities are created for children to find their voices through the life skills program, fine arts, performing arts, theater, yoga and sports.

The school also finds immense recognition for its focus on students with special needs or those from economically weaker sections of the society.

We also focus on broadening horizons and the noble aim of instilling global citizenship, the school makes a vivid international foray through collaborative exchange..