School Rules

Guidelines for students

Ø It is mandatory to wear I-Card
Ø Students should not misbehave with teachers or any other employee of school.
Ø Bullying or creating indiscipline is strictly prohibited.
Ø Bringing mobile phones/electronic gadgets/bursting crackers are strictly prohibited as per the rules laid by the CBSE and Directorate of Education.
Ø Students must wear school uniform on PTMs.
Ø Students must take care of the school property and should not get involved in any misconduct either at school or on board in the school bus.
Ø Students should not bring articles like expensive watches, fountain pens, gold /silver ornaments or excessive money.
Ø In case of any misconduct, a strict disciplinary action will be taken and the following cards will be issued thereof :
Green card-First warning
Red card – Suspension from the school

Guidelines for Parents

Ø Always spend quality time with your ward and help him/her learn discipline and mannerism.
Ø Encourage your child to be punctual and regular to school.
Ø Insist on the completion of home work and timely submission of assignments.
Ø Be regular to PTMs and sign up the report cards duly as and when required.
Ø Always encourage your ward to eat home cooked healthy food. Please do not send lunch at the school gate/reception.
Ø Any change either in address or telephone no. must be intimated to school in writing immediately.
Ø Timing for meeting the teachers is between 2.00pm– 2.40 pm on week days after school hours.
Ø To meet the Director/Principal, visit the school premises from 8:00 AM. -9:00 AM. Any kin or relative other than the parents is not permitted to discuss the academic concerns of your ward with the Director/ Principal.
Ø Do not pick your ward during the school hours. In case of emergency, come along with Parent I-Card.
Ø Please attend the PTA meeting regularly.
Ø All circulars sent to the parents by the school must be treated as important and must be read by the parents.


Ø Regularity, punctuality and discipline in the students need to be constantly monitored by the parents.
Ø Record of absence of one/two days must be entered and communicated through the almanac.
Ø Short/half day leave is not sanctioned by the school.
Ø Prior written permission must be sought for all outstation leaves.
Ø Parents are requested to drop their wards latest by 7:50 am. but not before7:40 am. The school gate will be closed at 8:00 am.
Ø Every student is expected to maintain an attendance record of at least 75 % during the academic year, failing which he /she may not be allowed to appear in the Final Examination in March.
Ø Half -day will not be granted during any examination.
Ø The names of the pupils remaining absent without leave for two weeks shall be struck –off the rolls.