Safety and security measures


Emotional and psychological maltreatment destroys a child’s sense of self and personal safety. Himalaya Public School is providing the right ambience to develop and enrich talents to facilitate the holistic development of a child’s personality.

Ø All corridors/secluded areas/ blind sports are monitored by high–tech CCTV cameras. The School has 64 working cameras inside and outside the school premises for monitoring the regular activities
Ø A smooth working of an institute depends on its transport system. All buses are equipped with all the modern gadgets like GPS system, speed governors, first aid kits etc.
Ø HOS and In-charges conduct timely meeting with the drivers and helpers.
Ø School is well equipped with modern firefighting systems. Fire Extinguishers, Fire Buckets and Fire Hydrants are located at sensitive areas.

Safety Advisory

Discipline/self discipline is inherent but it is imbibed in the students through mediums like schools.

Ø To maintain the decorum it is mandatory for students to wear the I-Cards. For security purpose, students are provided with I cards in 3 colour code strings i.e
Red string - Bus students
Green string - Private van
Blue string - Walkers
Ø Parents are issued with separate I cards for collecting their wards during school hours in case of emergency.
Ø Gate passes are mandatory for the students as well as staff members for exiting the school premises during school hours.
Ø No student is allowed to come out of the class without class pass.
Ø Washrooms for students are locked before 8:00 am and after 2:00 pm except on ground floor for the safety purpose.
Ø Senior school students are not allowed to use Junior wing washrooms and vice versa.
Ø No child is allowed to enter the school premises before 7:40 am and after 2:00 pm for security reasons.
Ø Water/Tiffin/Project material will not be allowed to be sent later during the school day. In case a child has forgotten to bring lunch, the class teacher will ensure that child is taken care of.
Ø Use of abusive language is a threat to safety as it leads to fights. Children are counsel to refrain from it .