From the desk of the Administrator

In 21st century, human beings have become robots and everyone has become over busy in this fast paced world. No one is left with time to enjoy some leisure. Parents and children both do not get time to sit together, chat together and communicate and share their joys or problems enough. This is changing the world into being very mechanical where aspirations are high and the goals set seem hard and tough to be accomplished. No one can believe the fact that every parent wants his child to be best, a winner among the crowd academically. The world topples down when a child is not able to perform and the dreams appear farfetched and shattered. I intend to convey emphatically that every child cannot be bright academically yet every child is unique. Everyone has some feature or attribute which is decidedly a winning factor. This always calls for a balanced harmony between school and parents. Parents have got to be in touch with the teacher to evaluate one’s child, his/her potential and capabilities. Regular conversation with teachers will enable parents to identify the unique feature of the child which may held in finding a way for a child to be an achiever. The need today is to slow down with calming effect to enable one’s child to find solace as well as preparing one to be a fighter in the contemporary world. “Run but slow down to know the road where it leads to, stop and find the way to reach the right destination…”
Radha Rathinam